Have you often wondered how those elves manage to keep their hair nice fresh and shiny all the time? How Éowyn's golden curls remain that beautiful even in Helm's Deep? Well as far as I know, everyone in this movie had wigs on, except PJ's children. Rumors have it that Arwen's wig was $12.000 and Galadriel's was even more expensive. Of course those wigs are human hair wigs...
Some people are blessed with long and healthy hair and won't need a wig to look elven For all others who have too short, too thin -like me- or too strangely colored hair, here are some wig suggestions. As this site is mostly dedicated to the elves, you'll find many elven looking wigs here, but also some that are suitable (in other colors) for other characters.

If you have a good wig suggestion that you want to share, please feel free to send it in! (In ideal case, send a photo of you wearing the wig, a photo en nature - on a plastic model for example - and a link and/or address where you bought it).

I'll add more wigs and also styling tips for real hair, so come back from time to time!









Sepia "Showgirl" LA-300.

In the three darkest shades "black", "off black" and "darkest brown", this is suitable for Arwen, esp. for the Arch Dress hairstyle and the wavy hairdos she wears with the Blood Red and Requiem Dress; also good for the Coronation hairdo with the two strands in front, but be careful to have your crown (if you have one) a few inches wider than usual - this wig is very thick.

"Honey blonde" fits best for Éowyn and "Ash blonde" or "Light golden blonde" is okay for Galadriel.

At the moment, this is the best LotR wig out there...

Available through Wowwigs.com or eBay seller www.internationalwig.com. Search for "Sepia Wig" , "Showgirl" or "Wavy".



A wig by eBay seller darcinut (Wildcat Wigs) that would be suitable for Arwen. It is a nice inbetween the wavy and the straight hairstyles she has, so it would work for the Farewell hairstyle as well as for the Requiem one (that one isn't as curly as the Blood Red one but has only slightly curled ends).

Okay. Ignore the pink sweater. I just came in from work. This is the "Guinevere" wig partly restyled as Galadriel.

Commonly found on eBay UK as "Guinevere wig". I bought this for my Galadriel costume as it was the only decent wavy blonde one I could get, if I didn't want to use a "Showgirl" again. It is a costume wig. That means, not of the same high quality than for example the Sepia ones. It comes in a bag and is pre-braided. Still, the quality is nice (also for that price), and it looks good when worn. You can open the braid and arrange it in a new style. It also comes in black and brown. The black one makes a good Arwen.

Licensed Arwen costume wig

Do me a favour: Keep your hands off this one!


"Deluxe Arwen Wig"

This seems to be a new version of the licensed costume wig above. At least, the picture looks way better this time! I have no idea about the quality of this one, but if you're in need of a quick and cheap wig for one occasion, I suppose this will do.

Legolas wig and Deluxe Legolas wig

What shall I say? Maybe the "deluxe" version can be turned into something nicer...the simple one just looks goofy.


Godiva wig

Godiva wigs of all sorts work really well for Galadriel or, in several cases, Arwen. This one pictured here comes from Wildcat Wigs as well. If you don't mind it has no curls...go ahead. After all, there are some pictures that show even Galadriel with straight hair, so...
You can try to carefully curl this yourself, but be warned: In most cases, the curls won't hold (if they will show at all), so it's maybe better to leave this as it is. Also, this wig style is not suitable for dresses that have bullion trim or beads or something similar around the neckline, 'cause it will constantly get caught in it and tangle...

Arwen, Galadriel and Legolas wigs

I've just recently discovered these on a site called amasquerade.com Though Legolas looks a bit funny, this could make a good starting point for your own creation. At least, it looks way better than the licensed Legolas wig. Maybe if you open the ponytail and try braids instead...
I've never seen the Arwen and Galadriel ones before. I'm pretty sure the Arwen one is NOT the licensed one, but I could be wrong. Also, I've never seen Galadriel before, but from what I can tell from the picture, this would work when you're on a budget. These wigs are all $25.



Yap, this is me. I'm wearing a "Xena" wig that actually has got bangs. I just folded those under and very carefully combed them under the hairline of the wig. Because I am wearing the crown, it doesn't show that much. So, if the only thing you find is a wig with bangs that has the PERFECT looks otherwise, you *can* wear this with some little tricks...

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